by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 26:00

Do you believe in a higher power, sweetness?

How about a lower one? A much, much lower one. A filthy, base power that strips you of independence, free will and maybe of your very essence…

Fairy stories? Maybe. That being the case, it certainly can’t do any real harm to indulge, just a little… can it? To allow yourself a very minor sin? Maybe even a slightly bigger one?

And if it is all just a story, then your soul is in no actual danger. In fact, it may be that the little illuminated speck of something residing within you has nothing to do with souls at all. So what can it hurt if you offer it to me, in exchange for pleasure? Pleasure is immediate and oh, so gratifying! Pleasure is of the earthly flesh, and so undeniably tempting… Are you tempted by me, sweetness? Maybe just a teeny tiny bit? Just enough to have a little taste of sweet, succulent flesh?

Free will is an illusion. Feel my infernal influence snake up your spine and into your brain. Is it liberation or bondage? The only way to find out is to… bite.

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