by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 31:16

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Oh, what's this now? A hands-free orgasm trance, softly spoken with ASMR touches? That'll do nicely, my sweet. Results arent guaranteed, but it sure as hell is FUN to practice!
This very intimate session will take you down deeply into trance, and stimulate all those sexy neurotransmitters of yours into complete surrender. Whether you experience a physical orgasm, or a delicious mental one, is entirely down to you. Remember sweetness, practice makes perfect!

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I liked it even though I didn't fully connect with it. I was able to relax with this file quite well, enjoyed the voice, the effects in it and the approach. Good foundation.

Things I found wanting though, was more stronger emphasis on the trigger words (more oomph, as it were), a more denser pace after the relaxation part to prevent my mind from easily escaping the grasp of the hypnotists, since I felt like the pacing could have been more relentless and with shorter pauses between each sentence said.

I got the impression that this is probably intended more as a much more slower, gentle and low-key session, where for it work I'd have to be in a really deep trance and super horny, but outside that context, I think it could use a more fire and viciousness to truly grip my mind to achieve that HFO.
Posted by hyperstar11 on Dec 31 2020 reply
Hyperstar 11 took the words right out of my mouth. Totally agree with everything said.
Posted by Tryingout123 on Oct 13 2022 reply
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