Chaos Theory

by Charlotte Gray
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Chaos Theory – Erotic Confusion Hypnosis

I have an interesting theory, sweetness. It’s my considered belief that all men suffer from an affliction of the brain. When they see, hear or even just think about something sexy, they become stuttering morons. Brainless, sex-obsessed idiots, focused entirely on their cocks. It’s a theory that I’m willing to put to the test, and your job is to help me.

In this session, I’m going to use a very conversational style, mixed in with a strong vocal backtrack and binaural beats. I’m going to drop you into trance, and find out just how silly, brainless and sex-obsessed you really are when you’re horny. My theory? Very. And obviously, because you are just a silly, horny little slut; you’re going to feel utterly stupid, babbling like an idiot, mindlessly stroking for me… Your intelligence only reasserting itself after you come. Of course, since I’m not going to give you a come-command, that might leave you feeling brain-dead for quite a while…

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Mz Charlotte,
i was in this state long before listening to this file and will be in the same state until my male hormone runs dry.
there's some truth to Mother Nature making some men horny mindless slaves.
Posted by maleslave5266 on Mar 05 2022 reply
I went into this file excited about the premise but sceptical it would apply to me as I'd always believed I wasn't 'one of those men' who lets their judgement be clouded by sexual thoughts. However after giving this file a chance it helped me realise that I'd always acted like this to some extent and was just not willing to admit it. I'd taken a kind of 'pride' in thinking I was better than other men in that respect but now I realise that having this 'affliction' (as the description puts it) is just a normal part of being a man.
Posted by Anonymous on Feb 04 2023 reply
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