by Charlotte Gray
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Clockwork – JOI Tease & Denial Hypnosis

Really, I claim no responsibility for the reckless desires of my muse, when she ought to be putting her efforts into other things. I HAD to create this session, or it was going to drive me utterly insane. :)

Want to know how it feels to be wound up and set running on a pre-set mechanical course of action? Of course you do. Of course you WANT to be my little wind up toy. My new session Clockwork opens with a very slippery, sneakily effective Ericksonian induction, particularly suited to all of you logical and resistant trancers out there. I will talk you down with no effort whatsoever on your part, my darling. All you need to do is listen. It’s as simple as that.

Once in trance, I will take the opportunity to plant a lovely new trigger in your mind. Making you believe that you feel the wind-up key in your back, and that once wound up, you must perform the action you were built to perform. It’s really not difficult to follow, my sweet. Every object has it’s intended purpose. Yours is to entertain me by automatically reaching for your cock, to frantically masturbate until the mechanism slows… and slows… and stops… Leaving you locked in place, unable to move until you’re wound up again.

I hope you don’t mind frustration, sweetness, because getting your orgasm might be something of a challenge…

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