by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 09:50

CreamPuff – Anal Slut Cum-Play Loop

So you’re an anal slut. Ok, fair enough. SO boring to stop there though, isn’t it? Lucky for you, I have the solution. Let’s ramp this up a notch, hm? Let’s actually make some use of those buckets of gross jizz you produce. Ever wondered what it might be like to feel yourself oozing and wet after a good hard ass-fuck? Maybe standing in line at the check-out or watching TV with a friend, and suddenly whoops! There it goes, sliding right out of your sloppy sluthole and trickling wet and slimy down your leg.

Eww, you’re such a sick slut, aren’t you? Who even thinks of things like that? Well… You do. Or you will, once you’ve listened to this super-hot, multilayered mind control loop a few times. Break out the lube sweetness, it’s time to get dirty!

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