Ex Nihilo

by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 31:27

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Ex Nihilo – Chastity / Cum Tax Hypnosis

Perhaps you know this Latin phrase, sweetness. It means ‘out of nothing’, and usually it’s applied to creation stories and teachings. In this case, I’m personally applying it to your cock.

I have a new session out, one that gives me a huge rush of (somewhat sadistic) pleasure. You see, I’m going to remove your ability to orgasm. Yes, you heard that right. I’m taking away your fundamental right to have an orgasm. Controlling your pleasure, forcing you to earn the right to reach climax.

For so long, sweetness, you’ve been wasting your orgasms. Throwing them away like they don’t even matter. Taking them entirely for granted. Well, it seems that you can’t be trusted to control your own cock. You don’t appreciate your pleasure nearly as much as you should. With my new session Ex Nihilo, that will be rectified. You will enter into chastity for me willingly and gladly, edging yourself as much as you like, but never going over that edge and into oblivion.

In fact the only way for you to obtain release, is by paying the $5 release fee (which you’ll find at the bottom right of my blog page). It doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t. But it’s certainly enough to ensure that you won’t be pointlessly jerking off whenever you like. It’s certainly enough to give you plenty of encouragement not to break your bonds of chastity.

So the only question is, how long can you go before you utterly break down and have to obtain release? Let’s find out…

This session is available for free.
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