Hands (Un)Free

by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 29:59

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Hands (Un)Free – Hands Free Orgasm Training Hypnosis

So, once again my Muse has decided that rather than sleep, work or study, what I really ought to be doing is recording a new session. Well, this time she and I were in complete and absolute agreement!

My darlings, I have something fun for you today. There is absolutely no domination in this session at all, no devotion, no orders, and it’s unobtrusively gender neutral so as to provide for those amongst you who don’t want or need to submit, or aren’t the basic Straight Guy And Happy To Be A Dude.

Hands-Free Orgasm. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard. Something many of us have aspired to. Well, tonight I’m giving that phrase a Haus of Gray makeover. My latest mp3 session is Hands (Un)Free.

No, not bondage my darlings. This one is a hypnofetish treat. All pleasure, all for you. In this session I will use a familiar and comforting induction to wind you down and aid you in entering trance. Once there, I will use powerful anchoring techniques to relocate the build-up to orgasm… to your fingers. Working one finger at a time, your desire and arousal will grow, until eventually it becomes explosive! And all without a single touch to the rest of your body.

How much fun could you have, knowing that all you need to do in order to achieve orgasm, is stroke your fingers one by one? At the office, in the supermarket, right in the middle of a friend’s kitchen… And as with all hypnotic training, the more you listen, the stronger those anchors become, the more intense the orgasm.

Hands-Free? Not this time sweetness. This time it’s all in the hands ;)

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