by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 6:33

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Locked – Bondage Loop

I’m very much in the mood to fuck with your brain a little. And you’re very much in the mood to let me, aren’t you? ;)

I have a new brainwashing loop for you today, boys. This one is called ‘Locked’, and no, it isn’t a chastity file. Although, it will make it impossible for you to touch your cock as you listen, so perhaps it is… In a sense. Around and around you go, spiralling deeper on every loop, and on every loop the words become more and more potent. Freezing you in place. Locking your muscles. Making you completely unable to move, to turn off your mp3 player. I really would advise setting a sleep timer or an alarm for yourself when you listen to this file. Otherwise… Well who knows how long you might be forced to remain in my clutches?

If you’re a fan of freeze triggers (or of triggers in general), then this loop will be extremely erotic to you. And of course it will be much more so to me, knowing that you are utterly helpless and unable to escape is just… so satisfying.

Hit up the link below boys, and add this delectable piece of mindfuckery to your collection. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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