Mirror Mirror

by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 37:55

Mirror Mirror – Gentle Feminization Hypnosis

You’ve always had this feeling, haven’t you sweetness? This strange feeling, deep inside, that something about you is just… maybe a tiny little bit… feminine?

Well darling, it’s perfectly true. There is indeed a lovely woman, hidden deep under your manly exterior. And isn’t it about time you let her out to play? Imagine being free to enjoy putting on makeup, dressing in soft pastel colors, slipping into silk or cashmere and feeling perfectly at home, perfectly comfortable. Perfectly perfect!

This erotic hypnosis session will help you see yourself a little more clearly. See the softness and beauty of your own face when you look in the mirror, the pretty girl staring out from behind your own eyes. This is not a jerk-off session, nor is it a sissy humiliation. It is the divine pleasure of the feminine, blossoming within your breast, coming to life inside your body and showing you that it’s ok to be who you are. And if that also includes being a dirty, naughty girl sometimes, that’s good too

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