Out Like A Light

by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 28:00

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Out Like a Light – Deep Trance Trigger

This gently entrancing session has been specifically designed to plant a trigger deep in your subconscious mind. A trigger that makes it easy for me to instantly put you into a state of deep trance and submissive compliance.

This is a 'yo-yo' session, taking you down and bringing you up, over and over again for my entertainment, sending you deeper each time. At the end, you may choose whether to remain in trance or to wake when the music ends, making this mp3 an excellent precursor to another session (mine or someone else's), for a deeper trance experience. Or you can use it to train yourself to sleep on command for live sessions you may have with me. The choice is yours.

If you are a hypnofetishist, someone who enjoys trance as an erotic experience in and of itself, you'll love this one. No tricks, no gimmicks, nothing remotely harsh or abusive; just a state of pure bliss, that lingers long after the session ends.

Enjoy, my darlings!

This session is available for free.
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