by Charlotte Gray
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Length: 70 minutes

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Provenance – Deep Erotic Hypnosis

You know, it may be unwise to suggest watching 'Inception' to your Mistress, before she goes off to sleep. It inspires some peculiar things.

So I ask, what if you went into trance, and once there, you went into trance, and then dreamed in trance, that you were in trance? Just how deeply could you drop, how far down can your subconscious go before it ceases to exist in any measurable way?

And once there in the raw dream-state, what suggestion is so important, that I would go to all this effort to implant it? Oh just a small thing, my darling. Just a simple, tiny thing. In fact you won't even know that I've left anything for you at all there, hidden deep in your mind. It will all seem to be your own idea ;)

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