Rewind Rewire

by Charlotte Gray
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Rewind Rewire – Mindless Bliss Hypnosis

A few days ago, I was talking to a potential sub on YIM for a few minutes, before going off to do a live call. And he told me about a particular fantasy that he has, of being locked into a continuous loop, unable to break out of it. Well, you know me by now. The idea grabbed me, and I just had to play with it! :)

So here we have a little bit of post-hypnotic trigger fun.

Rewind Rewire is really nothing serious at all. There is no overwhelming need to submit, no overt domination. This is pure hypnofetish silliness, and fun! This short, sweet session will take you down with a classic induction, and plant a trigger in your mind that causes you to become trapped in a continuous hypnotic loop. There you relive the same moment over and over, unknowing and uncaring. Completely unaware that your mind and your body are stuck on rewind.

It feels so damned good to rewind and rewire your empty little mind…

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