Inductions & Awakeners - Mixnosis Pack

by Ember
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Length: 10 minutes

This is mix-and-match, customizable trance. Choose only the hypnotic content you want, and line up as many files as you want to make a session that is the prefect length for you.

Bookend your personalized trance session with an Induction and Awakener and the possibilities are nearly endless! Looping background music ensures that no matter how many files you line up, or in what order you line them up in, they will fit together. Experiment, have fun, and fall under for as long as you want.

Included in this Inductions & Awakener pack are:

Induction I (7.5 min)
Induction II (10 min)
Awakener (2.5 min)
Rapid Induction (2.5 min)
Rapid Awakener (1 min)
Deepener (2.5 min)

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