Inescapable Truths

by Ember
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Length: 38:00

Inescapable Truths – Forced Anal Training Hypnosis

This session is long, hot, and dirty. And it’s all about what I want to do to you…

This 38-minute session finds you bound and naked, on all fours, with no memory of how you got there. You will, however, certainly have a memory of what happens atop the cool steel table to which you’re bound. With a healthy dose of oh-fuck-me-I-hate-that-this-feels-so-good, you’re going to be invaded and toyed with, teased and perhaps even denied. Your vulnerable, exposed ass is mine, and I am going to experiment with it and you until you’re incoherent.

Normally, I’d spend more time telling you why you’ll love it. But to be honest – I don’t care if you love this session. I fucking love this session. And all you need to do is admit how THAT idea turns you on. Admit that no matter what it was about, you’d still ache to drop because you know this session turns me on.

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