Kneel for Me

by Ember
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Length: 21:00

Kneel for Me – ASMR Hypnosis

I love ASMR and I love a boy on his knees – at my feet, where he belongs. This file brings together those two passions, plus a little extra.

In this soft-spoken file, I’ll teach you exactly how to knee for me – stripped and exposed… Perhaps awaiting use, perhaps just being on display. That, as always, is up to me.

There is sweet, soothing background music, plus a little something extra layered into a pink noise track as well. Clicking the URL will take you to my store, just click the “Erotic ASMR” category and you’ll be on your way…

Be a good boy and listen right now!

***NOTE*** While this file will induce a trance state in many (especially those who experience ASMR with soft-spoken audio), this is not traditional hypnosis, it’s ASMR.

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