At My Mercy: Male Humiliation Version

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: May 2017

At My Mercy is a slave training, hypnotic experience offered on 2 different levels. This version referred as Humiliation which is a bit more bizarre than most of Fiona’s recordings, (mostly on par with Cum Eating Slut).

This recording gives suggestions to increase submissive feelings and desire to obey to Mistress Fiona, along with teasing and insult, and ends in ruined orgasms.

Themes for this recording: Being Pathetic, Farm Animals, Threat of Forced Urination, Cum Eating, and a lasting hypnotic curse.

This recording is intended for Male Listeners.

May 28, 2017
(Consensual Fantasy) At My Mercy: Male Humiliation Version (NSFW)
Cum Eating, Fiona Clearwater, Male, NSFW, Slave Training

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