Bedwetting Training Hypnosis

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Jun 2018

Please listen to the Bedwetting Conditioning recording first. This file will assist you to wet yourself in trance, encourage you to wear a diaper, and generally promote the idea that you are a bedwetter.

Then at night time, listen to the Bedwetting Dreams recording. This recording will encourage the listener to dream of a toilet and then urinate themselves in the dream, while also still promoting the deep hypnotic suggestion that the listener is a bedwetter.

This is not designed for erotic entertainment, it is purely focused on the goal of bedwetting.

Jun 1, 2018
(Consensual Fantasy) Bedwetting Training Hypnosis (NSFW)
Bedwetting, Custom Recording, Diaper, Fiona Clearwater, NSFW

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