Erotic Hypnosis Introduction for Couples (Vanilla Version)

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Sep 2016

This is Fiona's first recording for couples. Fiona had a lot of apprehension about making this recording, and has gone to great lengths to put in safe suggestions. For both partners please make sure you are using this recording with someone you know well and trust.

This recording is created for couples wanting to experience in-person sexual activity while one partner is hypnotized. Couples with online relationships are welcome to creatively attempt this as well, but it was intended for in-person sex and mentions touch and closeness often.

First, both partners must listen to Couple's Introduction together.
Then, discuss sexual limits and expectations.
Next, have the subject lay down and begin to listen to Couple's Trance. This mp3 will hypnotize the chosen subject with the understanding that they will engage in sexual activity during this trance. Couple's Trance will heighten sexual awareness of their partner's touch and remove inhibitions. Couple's Trance does not have any direct orgasm commands, the subject will orgasm freely.
Lastly, when sexual activity concludes, the awake partner will clap twice and say the words Wake Up to awaken the subject, otherwise the subject will be able to awaken themselves at their desire.

As stated in the Introduction and Trance mp3s, both partners need to discuss and agree to sexual activities to be performed during trance. The subject can wake up at any point if they feel uncomfortable. To the chosen awake partner during sex, don't be a dick, follow the agreed limits.

Sep 2, 2016
(Consensual Fantasy) Erotic Hypnosis Introduction for Couples (Vanilla Version) (NSFW)
Couple's Hypnosis, Fiona Clearwater, NSFW

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