Fiona’s Latex Plaything (Female Version)

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Aug 2018

This recording is Fiona’s adaptation of Ultra’s recording Latex Plaything, and is designed for female listeners.
Instructions for the listener:

Lay down while listening to this recording.

Start this recording wearing clothes that are easy to remove. You will be told while in trance to strip off your clothes.

This recording will take the listener deep into trance and into a fantasy scenario where they are placed in a full body latex suit. The listener will then be strapped to a table and sexual stimulated.

Themes: Bondage, encasement (and subsequent breathe restriction), heavy submission, brainwashing, tickling, multiple forced orgasms, and objectification.

Aug 18, 2018
(Consensual Fantasy) Fiona’s Latex Plaything (Female Version) (NSFW)
Bondage, Fiona Clearwater, Latex, NSFW, Orgasm

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