Hunted Hypnotic Fantasy: Female Version

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Jan 2017

This is another hypnotic fantasy for experienced listeners, which jumps into the fantasy with 1 Snap & Sleep command. If you would like more prep to enter trance please listen to the recent Extra Deep Hypnosis 2 recording before this one.

Extra Deep Hypnosis 2:

This fantasy explores being caught, paralyzed, female squirting, being sexually enslaved and used as a fuck toy. There is a dominant tone, but the roles are Captor & fucktoy, not Mistress & slave.

This hypnotic fantasy has 4 versions split up by masturbation command and genitalia.

All 4 versions give orgasms. If you are in chastity, listen to the orgasm blocker recording first before this recording.

Orgasm Blocker:

MP3's marked with Hands On- means the listener is given the command to masturbate with their hands during the recording.

MP3's marked Hands-Free- means the listener is given no commands to touch. Please note, unlike Fiona's other hands-free orgasm recordings, this one does not have any particular triggers for pleasure (no snaps). This is best for listeners who can easily achieve hands free orgasms.

Jan 3, 2017
(Consensual Fantasy) Hunted Hypnotic Fantasy: Female Version (NSFW)
Female Version, Fiona Clearwater, Fucktoy, Hypnotic Fantasy, NSFW

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