Hypnotically Intoxicated Masturbation

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Aug 2019

This file intends to have listeners masturbate while exploring the sensations of hypnotic induced intoxication. To administer the feeling of intoxication, listeners will be asked to go and select a beverage of their choosing (preferably in a glass/cup) as a prop for hypnotic effect. Listeners will get to choose how strong their drink will be, and also how much of it they wish to consume. There are suggestions of pleasure, masturbation and a suggested orgasm. Ingestion of intoxicating and arousing chemicals are implied this recording. While the listener has the right to choose whatever beverage they want to use as a prop, it is recommended that real intoxicating substances, such as alcohol, be avoided thus to explore the true depth of hypnotic phenomena. Also actual intoxication can make trance more difficult for some listeners, as it affects one’s ability to focus. Water, soda, tea, or juice are recommended.

Edging, Fiona Clearwater, Hypnotic Suggestion, Hypnotic Trigger, Intoxication, NSFW, Orgasm

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