Hypnotized Nude Model Fantasy

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Aug 2016

This recording is an erotic, hypnosis fantasy featuring
Fiona Clearwater as an artist who is in need of an obedient model for a very
intimate piece of art. In this file Fiona will have you strip to be her nude
model and edge yourself so she can capture your right at the brink of a mind
shattering orgasm with her art. Fiona does not finish her piece though in this
session so you will have to come in again later to help her finish. You are of
course welcome to stay and do more hypnosis with her in her studio. There is a
full wake up command in this recording with the option to listen to more
hypnosis files afterwards and there is no command to orgasm in this file. This recording can be enjoyed by both male and female listeners.

Aug 1, 2016
(Consensual Fantasy) Hypnotized Nude Model Fantasy (NSFW)

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