Male Hypnosis: Forced Gay Experience

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Dec 2015

This recording forces male listeners to into a deep arousing hypnotic trance. The listener's ability to orgasm is taken away until certain instructions are completed. Only start this recording if you are willing to complete whatever the mystery task is.

This entire experience comes in 2 parts. Attached are 2 recordings to download. They both start the same but each has a different ending. The first download option (Version 1) comes with Fiona's suggested Part 2 already inserted into the recording, making one long seamless trance.The second download option (Version 2) contains only Part 1, and after completing Part 1 you will choose and select your own Part 2, midway through the experience, all while staying deeply entranced.

Nov 23, 2015
(Consensual Fantasy) Male Hypnosis: Forced Gay Experience (NSFW)
Fiona Clearwater, Male, NSFW, UltraHypnosis

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