Mindgasm: Slave Hypnosis (Female Version)

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Feb 2018

This recording is a slave hypnosis recording for female listeners that focuses on the mental aspects of an orgasm. In the beginning of this recording you are instructed to masturbate while you being hypnotized to empty you mind. Once your mind is empty you are given suggestions to associate pleasure with my voice and being submissive. These feelings are intensified until you are given an intense mental orgasm. In this recording there is no explicit instruction to stop masturbating so you can use this file for a hands free or hands on orgasm. Finally after the orgasm you are given suggestion to train more often and to feel more proud and open about your interest in erotic hypnosis.

Feb 27, 2018
(Consensual Fantasy) Mindgasm: Slave Hypnosis (Female Version) (NSFW)
Erotic Hypnosis, Fiona Clearwater, NSFW, Orgasm, Slave Hypnosis

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