Obeying Hypnotic Mistress

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Sep 2019

This is a Mistress/slave themed hypnotic control experience. Listeners can wake up at any point if they feel uncomfortable. There is hypnotic seduction/ mind control themes. The listener is guided through a 2 different physical positions. There is very light bondage and pleasure snaps. Two vanilla SFW post-hypnotic suggestions are instilled and will last for approx 24 hours. There is light suggestions of indirect amnesia via method of distraction. There are no directions to masturbate, and no orgasms. This file is intended to leave the listener horny. The listener will awaken with a small amount of lingering submissive energy, which is suggested to be positive and refreshing. Further details are in spoilers.

(Consensual Fantasy) Obeying Hypnotic Mistress (NSFW)
Arousal,Behavior Modification,Bondage,Fiona Clearwater,NSFW,Post-hypnotic Suggestion,Slave Hypnosis,Slave Training
Sep 14, 2019

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