Single Touch Orgasm for Males

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Sep 2016
Length: 24 minutes

This recording hypnotizes the listener to feel a powerful sexual energy emitting from their own hand, in order to experience a single touch orgasm. This recording can be a training tool in building up to a purely hands free orgasm. The more experience you have with hypnosis, the more powerful the effect with be. The best advice for achieving a hands free orgasm, is to keep practicing being more deeply hypnotized. It is highly recommended to be naked when listening to this recording.
Due to requested descriptive language in this recording, this recording is for male listeners.

Dominance Tone Level: Neutral

Length: 24 Minutes

Sep 27, 2016
(Consensual Fantasy) Single Touch Orgasm for Males (NSFW)
Fiona Clearwater, NSFW, Orgasm

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