The CUM Files

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Jan 2017

This project is in a similar style to Fiona's Project S. The listener picks different sections to customize their experience.
Please note, there are no commands in the recording to click onto the next recording. Please set up all of the mp3s in order on a playlist first, so they will automatically continue on to the next selected mp3 without interrupting your trance.
1st listen to Intro mp3.
2nd choose as many Deepeners mp3s as you would like.
3rd you then have the option of listening to a transformation mp3. The transformation mp3 can be skipped if desired.
4th select as many Arousal Focus mp3s as you interested in.
Lastly, choose 1 of the orgasm versions: Hands On or Non- Touching. The Non-Touch Orgasm is not a pure hands-free orgasm, hands are used, but no physical contact is made.

Jan 31, 2017
(Consensual Fantasy) The CUM Files (NSFW)
Fiona Clearwater, NSFW, Orgasm, Slave Hypnosis, Transfromation

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