The Come Away With Me (CAWM) Files

by Fiona Clearwater
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Release: Jan 2019

This project is in a similar format to Fiona’s Project S and The Cum Files recordings. The listener picks different sections to customize their experience. Please note, there are no commands within the recording to progress onto the next recording. Please set up all of the mp3s in a playlist first, so they will automatically continue on to the next selected mp3 without interrupting your trance experience. Suggested instructions to build your playlist:

1st- Listen to “Intro” mp3.

2nd- Choose as many Primer mp3’s as you would like & listen in any order. It is recommended to pick the Primers which will match the corresponding Journey selections in step 5.

3rd- Choose as many Deepener mp3’s as you would like & listen in any order.

4th- You then have the option of listening to a Transformation mp3. The transformation mp3 may be skipped if desired.

5th- Select as many Journey mp3’s as you are interested in & listen in any order.

6th- Listen to the Wake Up mp3.

General details about files:

This entire project has a seductive tone within the trance.

If you want a less erotic trance option, select only the “Mindlessness” Primer and Journey options.

There is a lot of focus on Fiona’s powerful hypnotic words and voice in this series.

Only the “Orgasm” tracks will give a suggestion to masturbate. Heads up, the command to start masturbating begins in the Orgasm Primer, so be mindful of where that Mp3 is placed in your ordering of your playlist.

All Transformation suggestions will be removed by the end of the trance.

Other suggestions, besides Transformations, will last until the listener goes to bed.

The “Flying” Deepener and the “Mindlessness” Journey have suggestions regarding floating and being high up off the ground.

Brief Description of Journeys:

The Mindlessness Journey leads the listener through a hallway maze in pursuit of being mindless.

The Obedience Journey has the listener adjust a control panel of their mind in pursuit of being completely obedient.

The Orgasm Journey use sensory deprivation and pleasure in pursuit of having a powerful hands on orgasm.

Listeners are always welcome to wake up during any trance if they feel uncomfortable in any way. Additionally, listeners are welcome to use Fiona’s Undo Hypnotic Suggestions recording should they want to remove a suggestion they no longer wish to have effective:

Jan 30, 2019
(Consensual Fantasy) The Come Away With Me (CAWM) Files (NSFW)
Fiona Clearwater, NSFW, Orgasm, Slave Hypnosis, Transformation

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