Art of the Prostate Orgasm

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018

Deep inside your ass, there's a dynamo. A pantheon of sexual pleasure whose potential awaits you.
You've seen women. Writhing, bucking sometimes even crying and Yelping during a penetrative orgasm, and you've wondered what that must be like; to cum from the inside out.
Now you can. With lushly layered audio tracks and soothing, mesmeric suggestion, I help you explore prostate stimulation in a perfectly safe environment. I tap into your already strong mind-body connection using NLP, binaural beats and hyper-realistic anchoring in order to train the prostate orgasm a deep, soul-shaking climax that erupts from the male g-spot.
Use the file before you begin any physical touching to let your mind acclimate to the idea. In time, you will be so programmed that the thought of anal play becomes natural, irresistible and inevitable. When it does, play the file while you touch yourself, so that my voice can guide you through every quake and throb as you explore new sensations and a superior way to cum.
Prostate orgasms are profound and often engage your whole body. By putting you in trance, I make it easier for your body to relax and your mind to let go, allowing you to experience ass play with no pain and no fear, just lots and LOTS of pleasure. Add this tool to your masturbation routine to enhance your pleasure and expand your sexual repertoire as soon as tonight.

Anal Masturbation, Mesmerize
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Published Jul 5, 2018

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