Backlog - Night 3: The Gusher

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2018

This series is for all my cum-loving freaks who are obsessed with the idea of unleashing a Creature load. In one hour, spread out over three nights, I mesmerically seduce you into building up a backlog of cum that will crescendo into an explosive release.
Night 1 is designed to titillate, Night 2 will thoroughly frustrate, and Night 3 pays off with a brutal orgasm and a geyser-like load you will never forget. Under my control, you obediently delay gratification and humbly submit to my authority.
Your reward is getting to fire the juiciest, messiest load of your life; the kind you've always known you were capable of, but haven't had the discipline to achieve. We're going to get you there by building up anticipation, building up pressure – building up a backlog.
Night 3 At long last, the night you've been waiting for is finally here. Prepare to drop deep and obediently play the creampie, cumshot or facial compilation video of your choice as I build you up to a soul-shaking orgasm and encourage you to blow that wad for me. It should be one hell of a wad after the restraint you practiced with Nights 1 and 2, and it's time to relieve the pressure in glorious fashion. Masturbate with my encouragement and shoot the kind of Creature load you've been dreaming about. I won't stop until your balls shrivel up and your body drips with rivulets of wet, sticky cum.

Masturbation Encouragement, Mesmerize

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Published Aug 1, 2018

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