Big-Dicked Slave

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 27:44

When you listened to "Goddess Lactation Fantasy," I warned you I had something sinister afoot. Your mind has had plenty of time to digest that the milk you drank from me had a dual purpose. Not only did nursing deepen your enslavement to me, it also penetrated your cells and altered your very DNA.
Since that night, your body has been transforming for me every moment of every day. Now that I mention it, you recall that you're just beginning to notice the changes. The longer, meatier shaft. Rounder, heavier balls. And loads so big the only time you seen anything like them was in professional pornos.
That session was never about you, slave. It was all about me. Transforming you from an average the big-dicked slave I truly deserve.
Subliminal loops, guided visualization, body transformation fantasy, auto-suggestion
NOTE: File does address client by name. If this is a turn-off DO NOT BUY.

Big Dicks, Mesmerize
#Big Dicks, #Mind Fuck

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