Broken and Begging: Somnambulist JOI

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 29:48

Your dick wants it. Your mind craves it. Complete over-mastery by a Goddess in CONTROL. You never knew how badly you needed to kneel. You didn't realize that the key to lasting happiness is being on your knees and *stroking* for me.
After I whittle you down with a brutal covert induction, you're suddenly on your knees. Picturing me with your cock in your hand and stroking in time with the very metronome that's causing you to sink further and further down into deep somnambulistic trance. Like an overly horny **** walker, you masturbate as you are told, barely conscious and completely controlled at my whim.
The ASMR effects are delicious, as are the sounds of a slave being expertly ridden by his selfish Goddess. You could very well orgasm through the sounds alone, but you don't. You won't. Because I will not spare you even the barest tremor of climax until you break. Until you BEG.
*Contains: ASMR, audio porn, embedded commands, pacing and leading, verbal humiliation (light), whisper track

Mesmerize, Slave Training
#Audio Only, #FemDom, #Goddess Worship, #Mesmerize, #Slave Task, #Slave Training

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