But Foremost, Foreplay: Premature Ejaculation GFE

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2019

Your girlfriend isn’t satisfied. She said the main issue is a lack of foreplay. You’ve tried to address it, but she still can’t seem to make you understand – until she devises a different tactic; showing instead of telling.
Her plan is to spend almost half an hour working you up. Kissing, touching, rubbing and loving you up everywhere except your cock. She bets that almost half an hour later when she finally does touch it, you’ll be so turned on that you won’t survive more than 20 seconds of the furious handjob she’s going to administer. Essentially, she’s going to wrack your body with so much sexy foreplay, that when it’s finally time to seal the deal, you’ll have no choice but to ejaculate prematurely.
If she loses the bet, you get to keep up your current routine of 5 minutes of foreplay and a quick in and out. But if she wins, a half hour of foreplay becomes standard in your bedroom. What she hasn’t considered is that she might be in for a catch-22. What if she does win, and you do ejaculate prematurely, and you actually…like it?

Mesmerize, Premature Ejaculation
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Published Feb 7, 2019

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