Cherry: Virgin Humiliation and Rehabilitation

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Dec 2018

Are you over the age of 30? Have you never had sex before but go around telling your friends that you have? Does your sex life consists entirely of vicarious orgasms from porn? Then it's time for some tough love.
This file delivers a measured dose of encouragement, humiliation and mindfucking to get you to change your ways from the inside out. I use aversion therapy, guided imagery and good old-fashioned bluntness to pull you out of your pathetic virginal stupor and FINALLY get you laid. What's at stake?
-- Your fear of women getting worse if you don't lose your virginity soon.
--Inability to get off to porn that depicts sex acts you've never experienced.
-- And more...!
Mary is the only fashionable virgin this holiday season. Get your act together and let's get your cherry popped.

Mesmerize, Virgin Humiliation
#Mesmerize, #Virgin Humiliation

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Published Dec 6, 2018

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