Contra Se III

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2019

Congratulations. You're finally ready to progress to the third and final stage of ruined orgasm excellence. This time around, you'll find that your body is already primed to do what I want it to, it just needs a little refinement.
It will be frustrating at first hell, who am I kidding? it will always be frustrating but in time, you'll grow to love watching your cum dribble out of you while your dick remains completely numb. You'll appreciate the trickery of your body going through the machinations of orgasms but not giving you any pleasure. This final installment of the Contra Se series proves once and for all that you're nothing but a helpless slave to me and your cock.

Mesmerize, Ruined Orgasms
#Mesmerize, #Ruined Orgasms

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File Size: 18.33 MB
Published Jan 26, 2019

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