Contra Se (Level I)

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Nov 2018

Here you've been thinking that orgasm is the key driver for your sexual behaviors, but I'm here to teach you differently. It's not orgasm, but your obsession with orgasm that keeps you horny, wanting, and sexually alive.
They say the wanting is better than the having, and that's never truer than when it comes to sexual gratification. Get ready to have your world rocked and your paradigms shifted as I lead you on this journey towards your newfound obsession ruined orgasms. This three-part series will train you to crave them, perform them, and crave them again, turning you into a drooling mess of a man who is even more obsessed with orgasms for the simply fact that you aren't allowed to have one.
So sit back and relax as I lay the groundwork for this beautiful new journey. I shall not only tell you, but show you, that the joys of anticipation far outweigh the fleeting gratification of getting what you want. Get ready to be rock-hard, denied, and totally in-love.

Mesmerize, Ruined Orgasms
#Mesmerize, #Ruined Orgasms

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Published Nov 5, 2018

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