Cream-Slurping Slave: Cum Eating Instruction Trance

by Goddess Athalia
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Deeply erotic. Dangerously hipn0tic. Unreal depths of relaxation. You're you've almost forgotten why you're here. Curious slave, Goddess is about to lead you deep into your horniest desire. Surrender your mind and walk with me on a cream-colored path, dripping with salt and sex and scent. The binaurals thrumming in your skull lull you into **** as my words invite you to taste of the goodness of cum. To drink freely from a freshly-fucked pussy like good slaves are trained to do. Floaty echoes encourage you to reach the next level of slavedom trained cum-eating on demand. Even if you think you're not into it, you already are. You wouldn't have reached this point otherwise. The part of your subconscious that's wired to pleased, eager to serve at any cost...has been urging you to take this step for some time. I devilishly wield hipn0tic techniques to unlock your inhibitions and free your desires from the depths of your mind. My professional skills are subtly effective that you've no choice but to give in. By the time you even think to resist, you'll already be face deep in used pussy, with a belly full of cum and a smile on your face. *Contains: confusion induction, finger snaps, anchoring, binaural beats, pacing and leading, soothing piano,

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
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