by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Aug 2018

Your last shred of resistance is toast. I made this file broad and deep to obliterate your last subconscious aversions to eating cum and thereby transform you into a cum-obsessed junkie who:
- Automatically eats his cum when *any* female gives the order.
- Grows more addicted to cum with every taste.
- Has willpower reduced exponentially with every cum-eating experience
- Experiences massive increases in semen production as the body works to supply more cum to devour.
- Becomes addicted to the pleasing taste, texture and smell of cum.
All this, plus a surprising post-trance trigger that you will either love or hate, but be programed for regardless.

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
#Cum Eating Instructions, #Mesmerize

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File Size: 23.90 MB
Published Aug 13, 2018

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