Cumsumed: CEI Training Loop

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jul 2018
CEI Loop

Imagine transforming yourself into a highly-skilled cum eater while you work, sleep, or watch porn. My quick and dirty fractionation induction puts you in a light yet potent trance and is followed by a CEI affirmation loop you can use anywhere.
Without even trying, you will program your subconscious to bypass resistance by repeating the affirmations until they become natural. Before you know it, cum eating has become second nature, you couldn't dream of ever leaving a drop behind.
*Tip: Use the file before or during every masturbation session from now on. That way, your mind is freshly programmed to consume the delicious product of your orgasm the second you finish without hesitation and without fail.
Contains: binaural beats, vocal effects, affirmative loops, fractionation induction

Cum Eating Instructions, Mesmerize
#Cum Eating Instructions, #Mesmerize

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 19.29 MB
Published Jul 16, 2018

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