by Goddess Athalia
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Release: May 2019

Deep within the heart of man burns a lust no human woman can quench. The lust for knowledge. The lust for danger. The lust to surrender to things darker and deeper than himself. This was the downfall of Adam, the first man. And it will be yours as well.
Your lust has summoned her, but only your semen will satisfy her. This rogue demoness will give you no rest until you sacrifice your seed – the very essence of your life energy – to her. (And maybe she won’t even let you rest then.) She fights dirty and knows your weak human male body and mind cannot resist the urge to orgasm once she’s tempted and teased you into a cock-leaking frenzy. That you are weak and will surrender your twitching balls and explosive ejaculation to her is no mystery.
What is a mystery is what exactly she plans to do with the life energy she collects from you and thousands of other weak, mind fuck-addicted slaves. You have no idea. What you do know is to obey when she tells you to obey, chant when she tells you to chant and cum when she tells you to cum. You suspect the results of your compliance may have dire consequences for someone – perhaps even you. But her demonic power and your human helplessness leave you no choice but to submit and comply, even if it means you or someone else’s eventual undoing.
(File contains actual demonic enns. Not for the fainthearted. For legal purposes, I’m required to tell you that this recording is for entertainment purposes only. Opinions expressed in this recording are not necessarily those of the artist.)

Mesmerize, Supernatural Fantasy
#Demoness Fantasy, #Mesmerize

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Published May 4, 2019

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