Dicknotized: Bisexual Encouragment Mindfuck

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: May 2018

With a *snap* of my fingers... You're under. And before you can stop me, I'm excavating all those latent bisexual desires you've been grappling with, twisting and manipulating them into a monstrous new psychological code you won't recognize, but will helplessly succumb to nonetheless. This isn't you. You're not the guy who goes around gaping at other dude's dicks. Who can spot a fat bulge from a mile away, and won't look away until it's too late. Until you're so filled with lust that you've no choice but to take action. You're not the guy who clocks another guy's dick print through his khakis, wondering what it would feel like to touch, stroke and suck that beautiful beast. You have no interest in making a spectacle of yourself... lusting hungrily, openly after another man's piece, WANTING, NEEDING to interact with that dick... PLEASE that dick. CUM with that dick. BECOME ONE with that dick. No. You're the guy who's completely in control. But is presently looking to have that control stripped away. You've come to the right woman. And later, when you're coming to the sound of my voice, you'll be so grateful that I had no mercy on you. So thankful that I've scrambled your brain to the point where reason, decorum, and pure heterosexuality are impossible. Get ready to show your fellow men what kind of pervert you really are...whether you want to or not. Get ready to be hard...hungry...helpless, and hipn0tized. More specifically... DICKNOTIZED.

Bi-Sexual, Mesmerize
#Bi-Sexual, #Bisexual, #Bisexual Encouragement, #Mesmerize, #Mind Fuck

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Published May 16, 2018

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