Dime a Dozen: Advanced Edging for Eager-to-Please Slaves

by Goddess Athalia
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Length: 40:07

"Every slave wants to please his Owner. He dreams of it, he works for it, and you are no different."- Goddess Athalia, "Dime a Dozen: Advanced Edging for Eager-to-Please Slaves"
More than a file. This is a journey. A journey to improve your slave game in leaps and bounds. And I make it so, so easy. Easy to...
Listen, and *go down* for me. Listen and *drop hard* for me. You've never been so far under, and you've never been so hard. With blinding speed I...
You into a d e e p somnambulistic trance. Melting your mind, dissolving your defenses until you've no choice but to surrender to my hipn0tic magic. All is well when I cast a spell over your addled mind and your aching cock.
Slave. You need training, you need improvement to become the slave we both want you to be. A better slave, a servile slave, a slave who knows all the secrets of how to please his GODDESS, and to win her affection forever.
I will gladly share these secrets, but only if you blindly obey me. Is that understood, slave? Do you promise me, that even when I instruct you to grab your aching cock. Even when I tell you to squeeze it firmly and move your hand up and down...up and down...up and down...at a snail's pace. Even when your balls are clenching and you're getting close and your swollen tip is glazed with HOT pre-cum...
Will you promise me, slave that even then? You will LISTEN to me and that you will OBEY ME?
If you want to get to the next level of slavedom, then you really don't have a choice...do you?
Thought so.
To learn to edge yourself properly and become a better slave.
deep somambulist trance, profound relaxation, joi, edge training, meditative music, cum countdown, pacing and leading, hipn0tic loops

Masturbation Games, Mesmerize
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