Drippy Drippy: Uncontrollable Cum-Letting

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: May 2019

I've already broken your mind. It's been so easy to do that now I'm on to greater challenges. Your body is what I'm after. Like your mind, it aches for surrender, cries out for attention like a broken toy.
Let me help you out by overhwhelming you with sound, seduction and subliminals. You've not yet begun to be broken, not until you've got a creamy mess in your undies that won't quit. Have you ever had trouble with a leaky faucet? It's just an annoyance, just hot liquid dripping out non-stop. It can cause a whole host of problems like mold, water damage and high utility bills.
Who knows what trouble a leaky cock will bring? I've got a few guesses, but I'll leave it up to you to experience. I'd brace for physical exhaustion, constant horniness and one sky-high dry cleaning bill.
*Contains: ambient sounds, subliminals, binaural beats, slight humiliation, direct suggestion, JOI

Mesmerize, Wet & Messy
#Cum, #Mesmerize, #Premature Ejaculation

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Published May 21, 2019

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