Drunk: Confessions of an Intox-Fantasy Goddess

by Goddess Athalia
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You don't deserve to hear me like this, but I've decided to treat you anyway. Three sheets to the wind, I was in the mood to recall a recent encounter with a slave who needed discipline. You know you want to hear my Intox-Fantasy story of what I did to him and exactly what I'd do to you in a similar situation. You want to be as hard as you are jealous. As envious as you are desperate. Binaural beats and repetitive sounds lull you to sleep. You enjoy a waking reverie, imagining you are in the other slave's place. Uncensored, un-edited and decidedly un-ladylike, even when I'm drunk, I'm still more than capable of possessing your mind and cock.
You've never heard me like this before, and you know you never will again. So give in. And let your sick curiosity be your guide. It hasn't led you wrong so far;)
*Contains: binaural beats, audio porn, sound effects, repetition trance, bondage

#Audio Effects, #Audio Only, #Drinking Fetish, #Erotic Audio

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