Dumb Until You Cum

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2018

You remember the story of Samson, don't you, heathen? The biblical warrior whose strength was directly tied to the length of his hair? A cunning and devious woman named Delilah cut off his hair, robbing the unwitting hero of his power and turning him into a useless relic.
Men need orgasms the way Samson needed his hair. And women like me love to control and manipulate this need, because in doing so, we can control you.
Now maybe you don't have the strength of Samson, but you do enjoy a reasonable level of intelligence, yes? One that permits you to earn a living, care for yourself and loved ones, and be a fully functional member of society. Well, Delilah is here, darling; and she's about to snatch all of that away.
First, I wipe your mind with a quick and dirty induction to strip away your misgivings. Once I've secured your trust, you'll be begging me for reprogramming, fully convinced it's a good idea to have your intelligence drained out of you between climaxes. With some anchoring here, and NLP there your brain dutifully makes the changes I want in no time at all.
The result is a new man. A man who gets stupider and stupider every minute that passes without orgasm. Want your intelligence restored? Just cum. But know that this vicious cycle starts all over again once you do. You're Einstein after you orgasm, but Forrest Gump until you do. It's a conundrum of Biblical proportions, and I'm just the Goddess to create it for you.
That is, if you're game, Samson.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
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Published Feb 21, 2018

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