by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Apr 2019

Forget what you thought you knew. Your brain is weightless, scrambled, useless as you fall into this lush tapestry of seduction and control. Entropy is the state you're in, unable to think or function properly with your mind under my control and your lust turned up to 100.
Loops, anchoring, direct suggestion, NLP and snaps create a potent mesmeric session from which NO MAN will emerge unscathed. The danger is in the mystery. What does entropy look like to me? What will I make you do?
Maybe I'll turn you into a gooner, drooling helplessly in front of a screen with your dick in hand for hours on end. Maybe I'll wreck your stamina, turning you into a premature ejaculator with little hope of returning to normal. Could there be short-term memory loss? Lower functioning in your pre-frontal cortex, turning you into an unwitting over-sharer? Deep sexual addiction that turns your life upside down?
Who knows? All that really matters is the hot slide of pleasure I inject from your head to your feet as I strip away everything you thought you were.
The science community seems to think entropy is all bad, but I disagree. Sometimes, the only way to get yourself together is to let me pull you apart.

Mesmerize, Mind Fuck
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Published Apr 20, 2019

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