EroMensch: Introduction

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2018

In a dystopian future where only the useful men survive, women have taken over. They've organized the males according to their demonstrated aptitudes and are using deep hipn0sis to program them accordingly. Your pugilistically inclined Step-Brothers have been drafted into the PugiMensch program where they are hipn0-trained into fierce warriors, sold-out to defending the Gynarchy and SheNET at all costs. For the mechanically and technologically bent male, there's the EngiMensch program, deep programming to enhance men's engineering capabilities in order to advance technology and innovation in service of their female-led country. I extend to you, dear reader, my deepest congratulations; you've been drafted into the EroMensch Program. Your demonstrated interest in female sexual pleasure and your propensity for hipn0sis have garnered the attention of your female superiors. Once one of them administers the EroMensch program, your brain will be completely rewired for delivering ultimate female sexual pleasure skillfully, confidently and consistently. Your new sexual capabilities will include: Unflappable confidence when dealing with women Enhanced physical and sexual appeal to more attractive women Greater stamina and higher-quality erections Heightened sexual intuition Enhanced knowledge of female anatomy for more targeted sexual performance...and more These new capabilities will reprogram your mind and body, enabling you to fulfill your destiny of boosting female happiness and morale by delivering to them superior sexual satisfaction. Your brief EroMensch initiation is scheduled for today. The program will initialize shortly after you engage the green button below. The remaining program quadrants will be released to you over the next several days. *Contains: science fiction, doctor/medical play, artificial intelligence, metal reprogramming, clinical hipn0sis, special effects for a hyper-realistic experience *Note: This file is brief and purely introductory in nature, acting as a sort of teaser for the four-part EroMensch series. *NOT* a full hipn0sis file. (P.S. Cover image is pixelated on purpose;)

Mesmerize, Sex Ed
#Mesmerize, #Sex Ed

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Published Feb 2, 2018

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