EroMensch: Quadrant 1 (Self-Confidence)

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Feb 2018

She's spotted you. In fact, she started making eyes at you long before you even noticed her. You somehow attracted the sexiest woman in the room, and you didn't even know it. You also didn't know that she's already decided to **** with you. When you finally make your way over to her, she's raring to go. A compliment on her dress, a light brush to her arm, and the deal is sealed just like that. She's in your bed and on your cock before she even knew what hit her.
Life wasn't always like this for you, not before you were drafted into the EroMensch program. They did something to your brain (you're not really sure what; you were **** for most of it) that made you incredibly confident and irresistible to women. By the time you woke up and were released from your pod, you felt all the confidence in the world. For some reason, you *expected* to be more sure around women...and you were. You *expected* to get your pick of women to **** with...and you did. You went from an awkward, flustered, dopey guy to the smoothest operator in the room after undergoing programming...and it was only the first quadrant.
With your new, unshakeable self-confidence, your sex life and interactions with women have been forever changed. And although you can't imagine how things could possibly get better after this? You're more than willing to find out. You have three more rounds of programming to complete, after all.

Femdom, Mesmerize
#FemDom, #Mesmerize, #Sex Ed

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Published Feb 3, 2018

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