Fan of the Flames

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Dec 2017

Be honest; life as a cuckold as great, but life as her bull would be divine.
Admit it. There's a spark of anger in you that wants to flare up because you can't give her the sex she needs.
Let's tap into that anger and use it. Let me hipn0tically fan that spark into a flame. From it's ashes can rise a dominant, confident man who doesn't need a big cock to deliver what his wife needs. Attitude alone is enough to get any woman soaked. Your wife is no different. She's been waiting you to step up and dominate her like she craves.
This file cuts straight to the chase, so if you're looking for an induction, try my All-Purpose Induction file. Down you go, stupefied with a potent mix of repetitive chanting and brain-tingling guided imagery. Juicy ASMR sounds include a crackling fireplace and a sexy woman being masterfully fucked by her bull.
*Contains: music, asmr, pacing and leading, anchoring, guided imagery

Cuckold, Mesmerize
#Cuckold, #Mesmerize

Media Type: mp3
File Size: 23.23 MB
Published Dec 16, 2017

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