Flesh: Bi-Sexual Encouragement Therapy-Fantasy

by Goddess Athalia
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Release: Jan 2019

I know what you want. You're hungry. Not for food, but for flesh. Your libido is already threatening to take over your life, and you spend hours thinking about sex. In your heart of hearts, you know the truth. Your latent bisexuality is starting to creep up on you. Just the one type of flesh isn't enough anymore, you need both.
The wonderful thing about mesmerization is that you're not really responsible for the results. So when you find yourself getting hard at the sight of another man's erection, or notice your mouth start to water at the thought of swallowing his cum, you can just blame the fact that your mind was taken over. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're gay, or even bi, it just means you're helplessly following my lead and allowing me to have my way with you.
That's how you can explain it to yourself when you're balls-deep in your first bisexual threesome, mouth full of pussy while some stud has himself buried in you to the hilt. It's how you can rationalize things when your cocks are thrusting inside her, but it's the feel of him twitching that drives you over the edge.
There will likely be one glorious moment of clarity once him cum starts coating your cock like lube- you'll wonder how things got this far. Just relax and know that Goddess Athalia sent you.
*Contains: guided imagery, visualization, anchoring, pacing and leading

Bi-Sexual, Mesmerize
#Bisexual Encouragement, #Mesmerize

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Published Jan 31, 2019

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